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“Not in a million years would I have considered myself a candidate for yoga. I had no idea when I walked in with my friends that I would be the one addicted to the practice!”

“Thank you for assembling an amazing group of teachers who bring their unique perspectives with a consistent message of hope, peace, and empowerment. Namaste!”



Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment. Contentment is exactly what yoga has brought into my life and I want to share it with you!  

Join us at Santosha Yoga and bring contentment to your life!

People often say…

“I am not flexible, I can’t do yoga.”  

Yoga will help you become flexible and so much more! 

Discover the peace and transformation that practicing yoga will bring to your life –
body, mind, and soul!  

Blessings ~ Theresa May – E-RYT 500 Owner/Director

“Yoga isn’t just about touching your toes, but about what you’ll learn about yourself on the way down.”

My yoga journey started 24 years ago with a modest desire to strengthen my body. Little did I know at the time how yoga would change my life!

I soon discovered that yoga was not only a way to strengthen my body but yoga was a way to inner peace for me – a connection of my mind, body and soul.

The more I learned about yoga the stronger my passion became to know all that I could about it. My initial self motivation soon turned outward to a desire to share what I was learning. I wanted to help others find the peace and strength that yoga brings.

Today I am a yoga instructor with 500 hours of formal training and countless hours of workshops under my belt.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Theresa May – E-RYT 500 Owner/Director


Kind Words From Our Clients

“This is my favorite place to practice yoga. The instructors are amazing. The atmosphere is open and friendly and peaceful. I highly recommend this studio to yoga students of all levels.”


“Santosha Yoga has changed my life! There is not enough space on this page to express how grateful I am to have this yoga be a part of my life.”


“I needed to tell you how impactful and nourishing to my mind, body and spirit this has been! It is a very different yoga than what I have been practicing over the past 8  plus years.”


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