Video Classes

Please enjoy these recorded classes from the teachers of Santosha Yoga.  The classes are unedited (code for bloopers included) just like a live class!  Almost the same as being there.  We are producing these without music to avoid copyright infringement.  You may want to setup your own music if you would like.

You can also view these from our YouTube channel “SantoshaYogaMi” if you prefer.  Please Subscribe!  This will allow you to access these from your Smart TV or other app devices.

The feedback I have been getting from everyone regarding the videos has been amazing and overwhelming.  It’s making a difference.  They also have been asking if and where they can donate in appreciation of the classes the teachers of Santosha Yoga have been contributing.  After giving this much thought here is my decision, the online classes will still be free, no charge at all.  If you choose to donate, they will be accepted graciously.  You can donate through your MindBody account or as a guest. The donations will be used to create a fund toward what may be needed most at Santosha Yoga, primarily a teacher & massage therapist fund to help make up for their lost wages.  They are sub-contractors which means they can’t collect unemployment (maybe that will change).

Have fun and don’t forget to breathe.