Why are Santosha Yogis so happy?

“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Santosha’s impact on my life has been profound. I checked it out in May 2011 at the recommendation of a friend, and from the first moment I walked through the door, I felt like I was home, thanks to the warm, serene atmosphere and the friendly staff.

“Despite my lack of prior yoga experience, I felt completely at ease right away, and since then, I’ve developed quite a healthy addiction to the practice and an appreciation for styles ranging in speed and intensity from yin yoga to hot vinyasa.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and stress for years, and the time spent at Santosha, which I’ve dubbed my sanctuary, has done more for coping with those issues than anything else I’ve tried. The messages delivered in class are of kindness, gratitude, and love for oneself and others. I always walk out feeling peaceful and calm.

“I’ve also noticed increased flexibility and core strength, which has helped in running and other athletic pursuits. I truly believe anyone can benefit from both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga at Santosha. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Santosha sooner! CC

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the illuminating journey you have helped me begin.

“Not in a million years would I have considered myself a candidate for yoga. I had no idea when I walked in with my friends that I would be the one addicted to the practice. My plan was just a girl’s night out. Relax and revive after a stressful work week.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for providing a safe haven of warmth and love and acceptance and nonjudgment. Thank you for assembling an amazing group of teachers who bring their unique perspectives with a consistent message of hope and peace and empowerment. Whether it is Grace’s calming or Amanda’s energy or Penny’s spirituality or Theresa’s strength and wisdom, I can not begin to explain or express how profoundly my outlook on life has evolved since I started practicing with Santosha.

“It has been written that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thank you for appearing and guiding me – I sincerely look forward to whatever this journey brings. Namaste.” CM

“What a fantastic job you did putting the retreat together. It was evident to me that much care, love, and compassion was put into the creation of the retreat. All the instructors and classes were great. The fire ceremony, mala beads, movie, popcorn, blankets, and bolsters…. all very much appreciated.

“Food choices were great as well as the preparation. The silence. Not talking is a challenge for most people. As I too find it difficult at times. But the silence of the mind was my goal. As we are all vibrational beings and transmit energy as we engage in our everyday lives, many people do not realize that they communicate or transmit energy with little control. As being in this physical body it is our own responsibility to learn and identify what energy is ours and what energy is not ours.

“In other words, although I may not speak out loud does not always mean I am silent. This is one thing I learned while at the retreat. From my point of view, everything was perfect. And fabulous job on the weather, proof of a powerful manifestation. As we sit under the Bodhi tree we will find the fruit of Santosha compassion. Namaste.” GM

“I finished my last night of your wonderful (1 week free yoga). I needed to tell you how impactful and nourishing to my mind, body & spirit this has been! It is a very different yoga than what I have been practicing over the past 8+ yrs. I find it physically more challenging and deeply spiritual along with your gentle, encouraging, often humorous, and teaching to be very inspiring. You are what I have been searching for and I look forward to being a regular student. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful gift in my life! Thanks for letting me share – after class just didn’t seem like the appropriate time. See you next week!!!!” MN

“Santosha Yoga has changed my life! If there were a room for rent I would be the highest bidder! As soon as each class ends I can not wait until the next! There is not enough space on this page to express how grateful I am to have this yoga be a part of my life:-) Everyone there, owners, teachers, guests are just wonderful!

“Over the top friendly and helpful! Each and every class that I’ve taken I’ve LOVED! Each teacher and class has made me want to be a better person, I leave there with such a feeling of contentment and happiness. I’m new to Yoga but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, I have to thank everyone who is a part for all that you are and all that you do.” MD

“This is my favorite place to practice yoga. The instructors are amazing. The atmosphere is open and friendly and peaceful. I highly recommend this studio to yoga students of all levels. The schedule is great and offers all kinds of yoga different times of the day and night to fit into your busy schedule. Thank you Theresa and your team for creating a perfect place to really breathe.”  JS

“I love Santosha Yoga! When I step through the door I feel a sense of peace that just comes over me. I now have some proof its not just my imagination. I currently started to use a Fit Bit Charge. This gadget tracks steps, calories and also sleep. I participated in Penny’s class last night but my Fitbit registered I was sleeping!!! This was not the first time after one of her classes it has registered that. I’m so grateful to have such a nice studio to come to.” KA

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Why are Santosha Yoga Teacher Training students so happy?

“Yoga teacher training is life-changing. Whether you are looking to become a teacher or not, this course deepens your practice and gives you the full scope of Yoga, thus creating a more meaningful, purposeful, and peaceful life.

“My personal journey is as follows… I went into it having no previous knowledge of teaching or what the full practice of Yoga was. I had been physically practicing for a couple of years and was curious to learn more. I took a leap and aside from marrying my husband, it was the BEST leap I have taken in life.

“Theresa and Cindy are the most welcoming and knowledgeable yogis I have practiced with and learned from. The knowledge I have gained and the deep bonds that were created with my classmates are priceless.

“I truly cannot put into words how much this has benefited me. I HIGHLY recommend teacher training at Santosha Yoga.” 

Tracy Austin (2022)

“The teaching program at Santosha Yoga has been one of the best experiences of my life! The program itself is very comprehensive yet at the same time practical. You will learn so much about yourself while exploring yoga on a deeper level.

“Theresa and Cindy are so caring and generous with sharing their knowledge and experience! I am forever grateful to them and the positive ways this program has helped me in both my yoga practice and my life.” 

Kristen B. (2022)

“Santosha Yoga’s teacher Training program was very comprehensive and challenged us to do our best and prepared us well to be good teachers.”  

Brianna K. (2019)

“I moved my home yoga practice over to Santosha Yoga Studio in 2019. I’ve been going there ever since. It’s so much more than just taking a fitness class, it’s an established community. I frequently run into instructors who are taking other classes.

“In 2022, I decided to go further into my journey and join teacher training. I really enjoyed the program. The curriculum combines Asanas (poses), breathwork, meditation, chanting, and mantras. Different types of yoga are explored. Ashtanga, basic, mixed, yin, and chair yoga.

“Teacher training is a commitment; one to which you look forward to. The expectations I found to be very reasonable. Theresa not only understands but supports career and family commitments. She is willing to work with you if something comes up.

“Safety, alignment, and sequencing are focused on in preparation to teach classes. In the end, you come out with more friends, a deeper understanding of yourself, and better relationships with friends/family. Even if you never plan on teaching a class; these are tools that can help you throughout life.”

Bridgette Boyd (2022)

“Santosha Yoga’s teacher training dives into the philosophy and teachings as well as the asana practice. The 8 limbs of yoga are thoroughly explored and the true definition of a yogi is brought forth. Theresa May is super supportive and dedicated to putting serious teachers forth.”  

Melissa P. (2019)

“Yoga Teacher Training at Santosha Yoga with Theresa was one of the most significant life-changing experiences that I will ever have. I made lifelong connections and I’ve learned more about myself in the 6 months of training than I have in my 41 years of life.

“I feel that this training not only prepares you to be a good yoga teacher but also how to be a better person for yourself, your family, friends, and community.

“Going to Santosha 7 years ago to that beginner class was the best decision I ever made for myself. Theresa has given me all the tools I need to be a truly authentic yoga teacher.”   

Heather G.  2018)

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Become a RYT 500 Yoga Instructor!

“It’s hard to put into words how amazing and transforming this experience has been for me.  I decided to take Teacher Training at Santosha to learn more about yoga than I was getting in an hour of class.  This experience has taught me about myself and who I want to be.  

“Yoga itself isn’t about the poses, the asanas.  It’s the culmination of using all the tools that are taught to us to get to our true self. 

“Santosha itself is a calm and peaceful studio where I have always felt at home.  It’s been my safe haven to come and just breathe.  Theresa is a funny, kind, thoughtful, and generous teacher who makes this experience even more rewarding. And the bonds and connections I have made with my fellow Teacher Trainees are something that I will treasure forever.”  

Missy P. (2018)

“My journey with yoga teacher training taught me far more than how to breathe, poses and sequencing.  YTT unleashed a force of love inside me that I never knew existed.  The study of self, which allows you to expose the true Self, is the best gift you can give yourself. ” 

Jill M. (2015)

“Santosha has become my second home. My YTT has made me more mindful and peaceful and was a huge part of my healing process.

“The course is deeper than improving your practice or becoming a great teacher..  It has prepared me to live a more balanced and fulfilled life. The energy of the studio, the like-minded lifelong friends I’ve made, and Theresa have helped me grow in more ways than I ever imagined.”

Gretchen L. (2018)

“Santosha’s teacher training program with Theresa is an amazing opportunity to deepen and strengthen your yoga practice on and off the mat. It creates a safe environment for you to learn, grow and find your voice. It has enhanced my life in so many ways! Forever grateful, highly recommended” 

Amy O. (2017)

“The teacher training at Santosha with Theresa May was a wonderful experience.  The people I sat with for my 200 and 300-hour training were the most amazing human beings.  I don’t believe I would have ever met any of these people if it weren’t for teacher training and I am happy to say I still call them friends. 

“We were exposed to numerous teachers who were experts in their fields, learning about Asana, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantras, Anatomy, Physiology, and Philosophy.

“My training provided a vast knowledge of the physical aspects of yoga (asana) as well as the philosophy and teachings, which allows me to be a thorough and thoughtful teacher.“

Cindy N. (2012 & 2016)

“Going through the teacher training at Santosha changed me.  It was so much more than just learning Asanas (Yoga Poses).  I loved the friendships I made and I loved the transformation that I went through, physically and mentally.  If anyone is interested in seeing how their life can be transformed, I recommend it.  Also, I did not take teacher training to become a teacher, I took it to learn more about Yoga.  But one thing I learned during this time, is that you are always a teacher and you are always a student.“ 

Kelly Y. (2017)

“Hard work on every level, but so worth it – I would choose it over again in a heartbeat.  The perfect combination of rewarding and challenging. 

“Theresa is a beautiful and caring teacher who supports you to become the best person and yoga instructor you can be.  It’s easy to see she loves her work.  One of the best rewards is the family bonds you form with your fellow teacher trainees.

“Yoga’s lessons and philosophies positively affected my outlook and mindset off the mat and carried over into my career and relationships with myself and others.  Hearing others say how you seem more positive, happy or at ease happened frequently as the journey continued.

“Life-changing on every level – physical, mental, spiritual.  I slowly began to notice a newfound appreciation of life’s blessings and challenges on and off the mat.  This helped the true me flourish as I began to let go of thoughts and attachments that no longer served my soul’s purpose.

“This is all so true… I am bursting with gratitude for the opportunity to work and train with you and the other ladies.  I’m excited to pay it forward by teaching others. 

“I just have to say:  I moved to this area in 2011 and drove down Gratiot all the time.  I would see the Santosha sign and my mind would always tell me “go there.”  It wasn’t until 2015 and a few life challenges later that I actually came in for my first-ever yoga class.  But I’m just in awe and so thankful how the universe gives you what you need when you need it.  So… thank you for being part of my journey.“ 

Hope M. (2017)

“I am one of the fortunate ones to have taken the Yoga Teacher Training with Theresa at Santosha.  Honestly, if I had to do it all over again, I would jump in with no hesitation to this life-changing curriculum.  This teacher training is all about embracing the yoga lifestyle. 

“I can’t believe I was even hesitant for a moment!  I am here to tell you that if you are “on the fence”, jump in!  Close your eyes and leap to new and amazing experiences.  I have made wonderful new friendships that continue to blossom and grow.  I look back at those days with love and gratitude.  Thank you, Theresa, for guiding my spirit to soar to new heights.  Namaste.”

Kathy Sweeney (2015)

“I took both the 200 hr and 300 hr RYT Training at Santosha.  Theresa taught me something far more fundamental than yoga:  she taught me about humanity and compassion and intimacy as much as I learned asanas, Sanskrit, anatomy, and yogic texts. This training not only prepared me to be a successful yoga teacher, it helped me find balance and presence in ALL my life. For this, I will be forever grateful.”

Penny C. (2012 & 2016)

“Yoga Teacher Training with Theresa was one of the best investments I have made. It was an investment in myself, which ultimately impacted everyone around me and hopefully the students who attend my classes. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for having this experience and continuing to learn and grow with Theresa and Santosha in my life.”

Andee L. (2015)

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