Class Preparation and Etiquette

Who can practice Yoga?

Yoga guru, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois so eloquently says, “If you can move and you can breathe, then you can practice yoga. There is only one man that cannot practice yoga, and that is ‘lazy man’.”  We can’t emphasize that enough.

Which class should I take first?

If you are new to yoga, then you may want to begin by taking at least one Basic/Beginners class, and then decide on your progression from there.  Please see the Class Descriptions page for more help on this topic.

How do I sign up for my first class?

Currently all students, new and current, must pre-register for all classes. This can be done through  MindBody, our Santosha Yoga branded app or the MindBody app on your devices.  You can always go old school and call us with any questions.

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What should I bring to class?

Bring your own props – It is recommend that students bring in their own yoga mat, blankets, blocks, etc. to class.  We do however have mats and all the props you may need available for purchase at Santosha Yoga. We also recommend you bring an open heart and open mind!Yoga Mats

Come with an empty stomach – Try to avoid eating a meal at least two hours before class. Digestion requires tremendous energy and can greatly interfere with your practice.  It is a good idea to drink plenty of water throughout the day, not just before class.

Be Fragrance Free – Avoid wearing perfume or other scented products to class as some students may be allergic to strong fragrances.

Arrive on Time – Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you have time to relax and become centered.

We Need to Know – Let the teacher know if there are any health or special situation issues you are dealing with, specifically pregnancy, injuries or recent surgeries.

Hands On/Hands Off –  Currently teachers will not be using any type of hands on adjustments. 

No cell phones in the practice room – They are simply not allowed in the yoga practice room at all.  We must have some boundaries in our lives and this is one that we feel very strongly about.  If you cannot go an hour without your cell phone, then perhaps this is not the hour to do yoga.

Check in at the front desk – Please make sure you stop at the front desk before you breeze by and make sure they have acknowledged you and have your correct name.

Listen to your body – Take breaks when you need to take breaks.  Back off when you need to back off.  Find child’s pose.  Go get water.  Whatever it takes.  On the other hand, know when you’re just hanging out in a pose and not pushing your body towards something bigger and adjust accordingly.

Have fun – This is totally a rule.  You are required to have some fun in here.  Don’t take yourself or your practice too seriously.  Play around.  Try something new.  Laugh at yourself.  Lighten your load.  That’s the whole point.

Never leave during Shavasana – Ever.  Period.  Shavasana is a sacred time.  It’s the reason we practice.  It’s the cherry atop our little yoga sundae.  It’s important for you to stay.

Be invested – Invest in your practice and yourself and purchase your own “sticky” mat (available for purchase at the studio).  It will help you commit to your practice, make you feel special (which you are) and much more hygienic.

Please come with an open mind and open heart and enjoy.  Don’t forget to breathe!!

If you are coming to visit for the first time, click here to complete our Waiver.  This form will automatically be saved in your documents in your MindBody account