Current Policies

Please take the time to read the following current policies and guidelines that were necessary to implement for everyone’s safety.  These are temporary and will change as the needs change.  In order to practice safely at Santosha Yoga, this is what we all need to do.  As it has always been, the safety of anyone who walks though the doors is our main concern, this includes students and teachers.  Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

  • You must pre-register & prepay (if you have a class package or unlimited package it will be applied to the class) for all classes due the limited class size (13 per class) to practice social distancing. You can do it through the MindBody app on your phone, through our website, or go old school and give us a call. If you are unable to come to the studio most of our classes can be taken virtually (aka Z00m) where ever you are.
  • If you pre-registered and you can’t make it, you need to cancel at least 3 hours before the start of class or you will be charged for the class, you will also be charged if you no show. Students who have unlimited packages with be charged $15.00 for no shows and late cancellations.
  • Take some time to go over the new schedule as we have had some changes in teachers and styles of classes offered. Due to the reduced class sizes, if we find we need to add more classes we will.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any of the community mats, props, etc. for your use. You need to bring your own yoga mat and any props that you may need. We will have everything you need at the studio that you can purchase for your personal use, mats, blocks, straps, and blankets.
  • Socks & face masks (covering mouth and nose) must be worn at all times in all the common areas. Once you get on your socially distanced mat, we are giving the students the choice as to whether or not they want to keep their masks on to practice. Teachers will still wear a mask or face shield while they teach. We are a judgement free zone.
  • We will no longer have a sign in sheet when you come in just check in with the front desk. If you are new to the studio, we ask that you complete the electronic waiver on our website after you create your MindBody account before you come in.
  • We will all practice social distancing while in the studio. After you check as you enter the practice room, find a pre-marked spot for you mat and settle in. Teachers will stay upfront in a marked off area while they teach, and of course there will not be any hands-on adjustments of any kind.
  • After class we ask that you leave the studio promptly so we can clean for the next class. 
  • We have adjusted the class schedule a bit to allow a 1/2 hour in between classes (check the new schedule), this will allow time to clean the studio thoroughly before the next class starts. Do not come too much before the start of the class you pre-registered for as you won’t be able to come in until we are done cleaning.
  • We will be spraying the practice room floor after every class with a botanical disinfectant (4-minute kill time that we have been using for years) as well as disinfecting the bathrooms, light switches, shoe cubbies, etc. You get the idea.
  • For chair yoga the chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart, please remember to bring your own mats and props. The chairs used will also be sprayed and disinfected after each class.
  • We have placed  hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the practice room and studio for your use.
  • The bathrooms also have touchless soap and hand sanitizer dispensers as well as waste basket. As we cannot clean the bathroom after each use, we will have disinfectant wipes available for you to wipe down surfaces.
  • If you are sick, fever 100.4 or over, chills, etc. please stay home! If you have been in contact with someone that been ill, please stay home. As I have been saying all along, Santosha Yoga wants to be part of the solution not the problem.
  • If you had an unlimited package prior to closing, we have extended out the length of the package to reflect the time that we were closed.  Individual class packages never expire.
  • We never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or anxious, please feel free to leave without judgement if you are experiencing that.
  • Some of you may be thinking that this is over the top and some may be thinking that it’s not enough. We all have varied opinions right now of what should or should not be done. As I have always tried to respect everyone’s opinions, I have also learned a long time ago that I cannot make everyone happy, but I can try and make everyone safe.

The Santosha Yoga Family