Effective 3/16/2020 at 12:00 pm we closed temporarily. We will again be open for business as soon as we’re given the OK.

If you have a unlimited package just email or call us and we will of course extend them out for you. Remember individual class packages don’t expire, but we may have to re-activate them for you.

We have recorded many yoga and meditation classes and have put them on our website via YouTube so you can continue your practice at home. The YouTube classes are free of course but we are asking for donation’s towards our teachers fund. We also have different meditations and talks on our podcast “Santosha Yoga’s Mindful Moments” that you can listen to.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.  We are offering live classes through Zoom , please check this page for more info.

Another suggestion is to listen to Binaural Beats, again free on You Tube. It’s a form of sound wave therapy. They are available for anxiety, stress, focus, and more. Here is an example: Binaural Beats for Anxiety. It’s important that you listen to these through head phones or ear buds.

Our smartphones have countless free apps for meditation, breathing and much more. Check them out.

We will keep you updated as things change (which they will of course). Take this time to reconnect with your family, read that stack of books you’ve been wanting to.  Start or restart your meditation practice, no excuses that you don’t have time. Go outside and find nature again.

If I missed anything or you have any questions please let me know, we are still here for you.

Health and wellness my friends,

The entire family of Santosha Yoga.